Healthcare profession and business has been a social responsibility for our founder. We help ensure healthier life for human and animal through our innovative and trusted medicines and healthcare products. Quality of the products and affordable cost are the two basic essentials of Allianz Healthcare.

Allianz Healthcare Inc, synonymous to its name, is dedicated to serve the healthcare need of all living being, through its human and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Allianz Healthcare Inc, (AHC), is an innovative, multifaceted, growing pharmaceutical company, that develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of affordable medicines, trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographies. Our operation ranges from API to human healthcare formulations, animal health products and nutraceuticals, diagnostics, cosmeceuticals and cosmetics.

We envisage to be leading healthcare provider to create healthier communities around the globe. We manufacture and deliver wide ranging healthcare solutions and value to customers. The company has a global presence with world-class manufacturing facilities in various countries.

Our mission is to deliver innovative healthcare products and solutions with quality at affordable price.

AHC (Allianz Healthcare) is dedicated to increase the availability of healthcare products in its key markets through matrix growth structure. We strive to provide a wide basket of products being manufactured by AHC in the market . As part of business strategy, we set up our in-house marketing and distributions in key markets and align with our distributors in various markets to reach the consumer.

Our strong manufacturing capabilities and expertise in developing medicines, nutraceuticals, cosmaceuticals, cosmetics, food supplements and diagnostics have created a strong business value for our partners.

We walk with our business partners to develop new markets, establish novel partnerships, create strategic alliances, and maintain customer-centricity, to build our distinctive capabilities.